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Earn $200-$400 CA$H per day

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Mailbox Money Opportunity

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The Sign Up Process

Follow These 6 Steps

NOTE: You don't need to add the magazines to the folders, I want to help you avoid spending any extra money

Step 1. Print out 3 Copies of page 12 & Fill out the form

Step 2. Put the Money and Form  inside the 3 Different orange envelopes

Step 3. Go to USPS, UPS Or FEDEX to ship the packages Over night

Step 4. Email me and the Company a copy of your Tracking Number

My Email

Company Email

Step 5. Text me after you have completed all these steps  (407) 480-8303

Step 6. Re watch the video to make sure you've done everything correctly Or Just text me if you still need don't really understand


This Opportunity is for United States Only

So how does this work Exactly?

Here is how this works:

✅ 1. Get signed up. (It's best to start out at level 2 or 3 and eventually Move up to level 6 After you start making money.) But if you're only able to come in at level 1 then no problem, I completely understand.

✅ 2. The company  FRONTS all of your advertising for you. That means you start WITHOUT putting any of your own money to advertise.

✅ 3. The company closes ALL of your Sales for you, Including the HIGH TICKET commissions as well.

✅ 4. Company has been around for 4 years only doing this OFFLINE. NO internet marketing skills needed for this.

✅ 5. You can get started for as low as $89 up to $27k (low to HIGH ticket Program)

✅ 6. Every time a team member makes a sale, YOU make a commission. Example: Say you make a $2,500 sale. You will get paid $1,000, your sponsor receives $400, the company makes $1,100

✅ 7. Here is the kicker: They will guarantee you will make money within your 90 day period, OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!


You will also Earn Commissions every time your Team makes sales, To be honest... The more I help you become successful then the more I become successful as well.. So we all WIN! 


Download and Read the entire Letter for more details. This TOP SECRET Letter is helping people earn $200-$400 a day Directly in their Mailbox GUARANTEED!!


More Proof Of Team Members Below

You will also get added to our team Support group to help you become successful with this opportunity

Once You Join Team Good Life

You will receive my step by step Training and a Team Good Life Shirt!

Make sure you have watched my second video to get the STEP BY STEP Instructions on how to sign up! I highly suggest you get started on this TODAY, So you can start to see some action within the next week or so. Start at the level you feel comfortable with then scale up after. I've seen a lot of people start out at level 3 & 4 because they want to make the BIG MONEY!  Make sure you overnight the packages with Fedex, USPS or UPS. It may cost a little more for overnight, But the quicker you are approved means the quicker the company can get to work for you. Make sure you print out 3 different copies of page 6 from the letter, and fill out the form. Once you have shipped off the packages, Be sure to take a picture of the tracking number and email it to me ( as well as to ( You should expect to be approved as soon as the company receives your shipment. Which is why I recommend you to overnight it so you can get started making money ASAP!

Last Fed Ex or UPS time to ship is usually 6 or 7 pm depending on where you live. Watch the video above if you are still confused.


If you are looking to join at level 3 or higher,

Then email the company to see where to send your payments

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

I realize I have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee which means I get full access to online training, support group and if I do not make any money after 90 days, upon request I will be refunded my money.